Yura Reyvaune is a student at the Royal Academy of Magic. There's just one tiny problem...

...He doesn't want to be a magician.

This is a prototype version of the full game that will be implemented in Unity. It covers the introduction of the story where the protagonist attempts to summon his first familiar. Not proofread, so grammar and spelling mistakes may show up occasionally.

Made with ink, procrastination, and a lot of stress.

Expect bugs. A moderate amount of them.


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so this was made on ink, then?

That's right. Many thanks for stopping by!

np, out of curiosity, did you start with ink or with another platform? Right now I'm using twine and I was curious if Ink is any good.

Started with ink for this one. It's like using a programming language (albeit a highly simplified one) in an IDE. Not as visual as Twine (text editor VS chart making environment, essentially) but I have no complaints about its capabilities so far...

...Besides the not-so-good documentation and help resources.

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Oh I see.  Sadly I'm not much of coder (writing major with a bit over a half a year to go), that said I did enjoy myself when it came to using twine. Lol, Im actually trying to make a text-based shooter in a rogue-like  style inspired by Medal of Honor: Airborne and a twine tutorial youtube video I found on youtube by dan cox on how to make a fantasy rogue-like game. I guess the end product will feel something similar to xcom.

Sounds like a pretty interesting endeavour... It'd be nice to see it posted up on this website!

I did mention that ink is a bit like a simple programming language but it's very easy to learn. I used Twine before and both of them are fine--it's just a matter of preference, I suppose.